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Personal Finance
Callable CD
Callable CDs are available in terms of 36-months and 60-months. Callable CDs offer above-market rates, and are eligible to be "called" by the Bank at any time after the first twelve months for a 36 month Callable CD and after the first 24 months for the 60 month Callable CD . If the CD is called, PNC Bank will send a call notice shortly before the actual call date. The funds in the CD can be accessed without penalty for a ten-day period following the call, or be allowed to remain in the certificate which will then renew as a 12-month CD at the rate currently in effect for the fixed rate 12 month CD.

Funds are not available without penalty until the CD matures. On maturity the CD will renew as a 12-month Multiple Maturity CD.

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Terms 36 months or 60 months only

Early withdrawal penalties apply for balance withdrawn before maturity

  • FDIC Security to the maximum permitted by law
  • Above-market Rates
  • CD eligible to be called by Bank after 12 months
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