Personal Finance
Personal Finance
Saving for Education
The price tag for higher education has been rising an average of 6 to 10 percent a year over the past several years, and the escalation isn't expected to slow down any time soon. You need smart ideas and a strong plan for saving and paying for your children's education.
Whether your child is learning to count or learning to drive, there are a range of savings options - many with important tax advantages - you can choose from. Consult your tax advisor.
As your child looks forward to high school graduation, you may find that your savings won't cover the full cost of an education. We can help you estimate your actual college costs, and find ways to fill the gap between what you've saved and what you'll need.
Families face new financial challenges as a child goes to college. For the first time, you need to make sure that you and your children have the right tools to manage your money - as a family and independently.
The college years flew by, and now your proud graduate will focus on a new job... and the start of a new chapter in life. PNC has many ways to help make sure they start off on the right foot. And we can help parents as they turn their attention to new financial priorities - like a well-deserved vacation.