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Women face greater financial challenges than men in several ways:

  • they generally live longer
  • often earn less over their lifetime
  • and tend to invest more conservatively.1

Without proper planning, all of that can add up to an insecure financial future.

That's where our PNC Wealth Management professionals can help. They understand these differences and bring a heightened sensitivity to the wealth challenges that are unique to women.

By listening carefully to your concerns, we can help guide you through the myriad of choices - and provide you with a plan to help attain financial security.

Whether you want to enhance your financial security, enjoy your post-retirement years, leave a lasting legacy - or all of the above - PNC Wealth Management can help build a financial strategy that addresses your particular needs. Call 888-762-6226 today for a private, complimentary consultation.

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1. Source: National Endowment for Financial Education