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Personal Finance
Private Sale of Restricted Securities

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If regulatory Rule 144 issues preclude you from selling your stock in the public market, you can face significant issues regarding liquidity and diversification. A large holding in one stock can also expose you to more risk than may be advisable. PNC can offer a solution that can significantly increase your financial flexibility.

Choose PNC as your counterparty in a private transaction
As a PNC client, you can enter into a private transaction with us as your counterparty. We will purchase your Rule 144 stock at a discount from the current market price, basing the discount on the nature and length of the restrictions that apply. We'll also take the stock's liquidity and volatility into consideration, as well as our ability to borrow shares of the stock. You can be assured that as your trusted advisor, we'll work to deliver the best terms possible.

Enjoy the benefits of selling your stock without being limited by Rule 144 volume limitations.
Once the transaction has been executed, you will have realized a sale and eliminated the risk that accompanies holding a large position in a single stock. While you'll be liable for any taxes on gains, you will have successfully generated liquidity from an illiquid position.

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