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Personal Finance
Personal Investment Policy

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Every client has unique needs, and our relationship is built around understanding yours.

When you turn to PNC Wealth Management for advice on managing your wealth and achieving your financial objectives, the first thing we expect to do is get to know you. We listen intently to understand where you are in life, and what priorities may be driving your investment strategy.

Working Together for Your Success

Together, we will help to define your financial goals with precision. Based on an ongoing dialogue, we will help to establish your time horizon, gauge your appetite for risk, determine your liquidity requirements and formulate a return objective that takes the totality of your unique circumstances into account.

A personal investment policy statement may be your roadmap to success.

All of the parameters we've set out, from time horizon to return objective and everything in between, will be consolidated into a comprehensive personal investment policy statement.

This statement will formally document the points that you have agreed on with your advisor, including your asset allocation and investment guidelines. Using the investment policy statement as a key reference, your PNC advisor will monitor your progress and help ensure that you're on track to meet your financial goals.

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