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PNC Bank offers Payee Positive Pay to corporate clients. Payee Positive Pay can be used with regular or controlled disbursement accounts and is synchronized to provide a comprehensive listing of Positive Pay exceptions.

Payee Matching Service

You provide PNC with a transmission of check issue data for each day your company has issued checks. As checks are presented for payment, the Payee name is matched against the Payee issue data from your file. Items that match your company's issue data are then further processed for Positive Pay matching. Items that do not match your issue data will be reported as exceptions - you review the exception items and advise PNC whether to pay or return each item. All exception items are image-enabled, resulting in a Pay/Return decision process that is timely and easy for your staff to complete.

Payee Positive Pay enhances our Positive Pay validation process by allowing you to include the Payee as an additional point of comparison between checks presented and your issue data file. It's an easy way to strengthen your fraud control measures and enjoy greater security. Just match the Payee name that should appear on the check with the actual name on the item presented for payment. As with our standard Positive Pay program, online delivery of exception item images speeds your decision-making process and helps you reduce your risk.


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To enroll in PNC's Payee Positive Pay service, contact your Treasury Management Officer.

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