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Samples of Fraudulent Messages

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through e-mail or phone, including text messaging, to steal your personal information.

Important Notices

What to do if you receive a Suspicious Message

If you suspect that you've RECEIVED a fraudulent e-mail that appears to be from PNC Bank, do not respond. Never click on any link that seems suspicious nor provide any personal information.

  1. Forward the email to PNC Bank
  2. Delete the email

If you responded or disclosed your personal information to a possible fraudulent message, notify PNC Bank's Online Banking Team immediately at 1-800-762-2035 option 3.

Recent Fraudulent Messages

Be aware of fraudulent e-mails that appear to come from a legitimate source which, in fact, are designed to trick you into downloading a virus, or personal identifying information, disclosing sensitive, confidential information.

Below are samples of fraudulent messages that have been identified.

April 2014

Customer Service

January 2014

Payment Instruction
Important Account Notice

July 2013

Customer Service
Password Reset Confirmation

May 2013

Account Maintenance and Account Server Updates

April 2013

PNC Bank Bankruptcy

March 2013

You have a new biller in Online Bill Pay, Notice ID: GKENPLMJVEPJA
PNC - Technical Security Notification

February 2013

Online Banking Interruption

January 2013

PNC Bank Alert: Important Account Notice

March 2012

Invoices Service - 15658 Payment Posted

September 2011

Transfer Amount: ($2000.00 USD)
Important notice

July 2011

Banking Update

February 2011

Account Update From PNC Bank !!!

January 2011

Account Insurance from FDIC

October 2010

Alert (ID: 17679356645)
Pnc Billing failed

July 2010

Account security

June 2010

PNC Limited Account Status Notification
Alert - Pnc Bank

May 2010

PNC Account Access Alert
Update your PNC Bank Account Information
Your PNC Card has to be reactivated

April 2010

PNC Bank Security Alert!
Attention: Important Information

March 2010

PNC Bank- Online Banking Suspended
Online Access Suspended

February 2010

PNC customer: Technical account upgrade
best for customer loyalty

November 2009

Customer Service - Important Alert

October 2009

A Note From PNC

September 2009

Important information regarding your account

August 2009

Upgrade Your Account Information
Important - Indentity Verification

July 2009

Important Message From PNC

June 2009

PNC Bank - Reslove Your Account
PNC Account Resolve Center
We have Decided to Place an HOLD your Account.
PNC Bank Alert : Notification of Irregular Account Activity..

May 2009

Online Account Verification For New Online Security

March 2009

Online statement notification from PNC BANK
Attention! Yourt PNC account has been Blocked

February 2009

Your PNC Account Has Been Limited
Your PNC Online Banking is Blocked!

January 2009

Important message from PNC Bank
Your Online Banking is Blocked
Important message from PNC Bank

December 2008

Online Banking - Unusual Activity
PNC Security Measure - Unusual Activity
PNC Security Measure - Privacy Policy
PNC Online Banking and Security Message
Online Banking Security Update

November 2008

Personal Information Error
Access Suspended

October 2008

Fraudulent E-mail Sample For October 8, 2008

September 2008


August 2008

Fraudulent E-mail Sample For August 19, 2008
Important Message From PNC Online Banking
$90.00 to your account - Just for your time!
Important Information Regarding Sterling Online Banking Customers
Fraudulent SMS Sample sent to cell phone for August 10

July 2008

Fraudulent E-mail Sample For July 31, 2008
Fraudulent E-mail Sample For July 29, 2008
PNC Alerts: Verify Your Account Access (Questions & Answers)